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Livionex Dental Gel– Cleans Teeth & Removes Plaque Better; Prevents Bad Breath; Peppermint Flavor; Dispensed In A Tube Review

Livionex Dental Gel– Cleans Teeth & Removes Plaque Better; Prevents Bad Breath; Peppermint Flavor; Dispensed In A Tube Review


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    • Plaque Removal. Livionex is 250% more effective at removing plaque & cleaning teeth
    • Cleaner Mouth. Livionex prevents bad breath and gives that straight-from-the-dentist clean feel
    • Great ingredients & peppermint taste. Livionex contains the safest, most effective ingredients
    • Healthier teeth & gums. Livionex contains a powerful antioxidant and promotes healthier teeth & gums
    • Easy to use. Livionex comes in an easy-to-dispense tube (1.7 oz)



Product Reviews

“Livionex Works! (I Went To The Dentist Now…)”

I purchased my first tube of Livionex in June of this year. I’ve been utilizing Livionex whenever I brush which is typically after each meal and after most snacks. I’ve always taken care of my teeth. I floss at least twice a day. Yet, despite all my attempts, when I’d visit the dentist every six months for my cleaning, there could still be a few tarter buildup on my lower front teeth. I began using Livionex because the idea that plaque ought to be destroyed rather than simply brushed off my teeth made me sense. In case it worked…. And now, I’m really pleased to report, that for me I have telltale signs that Livionex has considerably reduced tartar building in my teeth after only two weeks of use.I waited until now to write this review because, this morning I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I wanted to determine whether the hygienist discovered any gap in the tartar amount in my own teeth. This first thing I discovered today was that the hygienist hardly used the ultrasonic cleaner at all, and she manually scraped very little tartar my teeth off. I did not say anything about using Livionex before the hygienist had finished cleaning my teeth. I asked how I had done regarding keeping my teeth clean at the six months since my last cleaning. The hygienist said that there was little to clean in my teeth without any bleeding on my teeth in any respect. She said I’d done a fantastic job keeping my teeth clean. I then told her about Livionex. The hygienist hadn’t ever heard of this product but she said it definitely is making a large difference in the cleanliness of my teeth. She showed me the notes in my graph from my previous visits spanning many decades. The notes clearly revealed that I constantly have tartar buildup in certain locations. Now, those areas were nearly tartar free. And the wonderful thing is that I’ve only been using Livionex for about two of those six months since my last cleaning. (I think that if I was using Livionex for the entire six months, I may not have had some tartar in any way.) I am using about a tube of Livionex a month, but that’s because I brush often throughout the day. I also probably use over that I actually need because I like the taste of it. I am aware that plaque does not form into tartar right away so that it seems sensible that Livionex states that their toothpaste only has to be used twice a day to do the job. I really could use another sort of toothpaste a few of the time during this day as long as I used Livionex at the morning and nighttime. But, I truly have grown to enjoy how Livionex feels when I am brushing with it. In addition, I like the way that it does not make foam in my mouth and that my mouth feels very clean after I brush.I wanted to write this review because when I researched Livionex and over the weeks I have been using it I haven’t found many reviews where someone explained that they definitely watched a hygienist-verified positive gap from using Livionex. (A couple reviews such as that exist but not many.) This product actually works. Interestingly, Livionex had never been heard of by my dentist. He said none of the other patients have each cited it.I apologize that this review might not be perfectly written in terms of grammar and syntax. On the other hand, the main issue is that anybody thinking of purchasing Livionex should be aware that, at least based on my experience, the product does everything that the company says it does. Hopefully, over time, the purchase price will fall to ensure that more people are able to buy it. For low income individuals who have trouble affording dental care or for people that have trouble traveling to your dentist because of mobility difficulties, Livionex would make a tremendous positive difference in their lives.Rob

Livionex Dental Gel– Cleans Teeth & Removes Plaque Better; Prevents Bad Breath; Peppermint Flavor; Dispensed In A Tube Review | B00Y4DSXBM Review