BFF Pups Dog Toys Value Set 10 Pack – Exclusive addition; Unstuffed Animal Plush Squeaker. Chewing Toy, Rope Toys, Throwing ball and Rope Frisbee, IQ Squeak Treat ball, Tug Rope Toy, Loop Rope toy


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Product Description

Product Description – This set has been carefully thought out, evaluated and put together to provide a complete and perfect set of toys for your pet.

– The treat IQ ball will stimulate their brain and keep it active, preventing boredom and depression.

– The carrot rope toy (dog teeth floss) and rubber bone will help with your puppy's dental hygiene and keep their urge to nip and bite in check.

– The ball and Frisbee will keep your pet healthy by providing exercise and it will offer you an opportunity to keep fit while you are at it!

– Playing with the tug-a-war rope toy and ball loop will build a closer relationship with your dog by interacting and spending quality time together.

– The Squeaky unstuffed (for safety) plush animal with simulated animal fur is a favorite. It meets the desire for animal hunting and chasing while the squeaker makes it more interesting to keep going after.

This value pack will entertain and keep your loved dog stimulated and entertained for hours! We hope you enjoy this value pack as much as our puppies do.

DOG TOY Value Pack of 10 – Cotton Rope toys, IQ treat ball, chewing rubber bone toy, Frisbee, dog teeth floss toy and unstuffed plush animal with squeaker. Perfect variety of toys for you puppy.

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  • ASIN: B078RGG43W

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