About Us

We go crazy over adorably cute items, and fall-in-love with stuffs that have the most dainty and unique designs. We enjoy exploring the world for peculiar and fun products, and find it utterly fulfilling to be able to buy and sell it at the most affordable prices. We love hearing you get giddy-excited over our stuff because that’s how we feel too! Think of us as your shopping buddy who squeals with you over the to-die-for-its-perfect-for-me shoes by the window display 🙂

We’re also in the business of creating the best possible ways for you and your kids to have SPUNKY None-Stressfull Celebrations and Occasions with our convenient packages, and easy online shopping process. We know you’re busy but we know you want the best.

So plan your parties, Christmas’ and all special milestones with Spunkdesigns 🙂


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